In Melgaço, from 61 to 75, between emigration and conscription, some didn’t leave. Those that remained fictionalises stories of Portuguese military mobilisation for the Colonial War, through the eyes of women, in a voracity between fact and memory. Contrasting memory (factual and constructed) and the photographic, this collection of stories crosses Portuguese colonialism, and the representations of distance and absence. Through testimonies and private archives, an allegorical narrative of part of the colonial past is drawn, with Melgaço at the epicentre.

A collective creation by Firmino, Armindo Machado, Carlos e Alice Machado, Domingos e Maria Barbosa, Edite Covelo, António Manuel Meleiro, Alfredo Meleiro e Ersília Glória Alves, João Sousa, Humberto e Dores Sousa, São e Maria do Amparo, Amaro Augusto Gonçalves, Bela Gonçalves and Patrícia Barbosa.